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Derval Services

The Client

Meet Chris from Derval Services, the home renovation expert in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. With a heritage rooted in rich Jamaican craftsmanship, Chris brings over a decade of experience to each project. At Derval Services, the philosophy is straightforward yet rigorous: if it doesn’t meet their high standards, it won’t meet yours. Specializing in flooring, countertops, and bathroom renovations, Derval Services doesn’t just transform spaces; they enhance your home’s value with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Trust Derval Services to turn your renovation dreams into reality with unmatched expertise and a passion for perfection.

The Challenge

When Chris approached Exodus Dream Suites, Derval Services was a well-respected local business with a vision to broaden its reach and redefine the standard of home renovation excellence in Kitchener-Waterloo. Despite their deep-rooted expertise and commitment to quality, they faced a significant challenge: their brand visibility was limited, and their digital presence was virtually non-existent. The company’s branding didn’t effectively communicate the high standards and rich heritage of Jamaican craftsmanship that Chris brought to every project. Additionally, Derval Services needed a sophisticated online platform that not only showcased their services but also captured the essence of their craftsmanship to attract high-end clients. They also sought to break into new markets beyond their local area, requiring a strategic blend of online visibility and compelling offline marketing strategies to make a mark in a competitive industry.

Digital Marketing for Derval Services-EXDS

Our Solution

Exodus Dream Suites embarked on a comprehensive brand overhaul for Derval Services to elevate their market presence and encapsulate the essence of their craftsmanship. We began by redesigning their logo, infusing elements that reflected both modernity and the rich heritage of Jamaican artisanry. This new branding was carried over into a fully optimized, visually captivating website that not only highlighted their services like flooring, countertops, and bathroom renovations but also showcased detailed portfolios of their work to engage potential clients.

Simultaneously, we launched a targeted performance marketing campaign, utilizing Google Ads and localized SEO strategies to increase visibility and drive traffic. These efforts were complemented by strategically distributed offline marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers, which were placed in high-traffic areas to catch the eye of the local demographic. The combined approach of digital precision and tangible advertising allowed Derval Services to connect with a broader audience, conveying their commitment to quality and attention to detail in every aspect of their communication.

The solution-derval services-EXDS

Their Results

Significant Increase in Web Traffic

Web Traffic 100%

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Brand Recall 80%

Lead Generation and Conversion

Qualified Leads 60%

Offline Marketing Synergy

Foot Traffic to their Showroom 40%

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